Save cost with the speedtec Quick Locking System

  • connected within seconds
  • highest connection reliability
  • 360° EMC-shielding
  • UL/CSA approval
  • vibration protection up to 25 g
  • IP 67, IP 68, IP 69K
  • backwards compatible to threaded connectors

speedtec catalogues: 617/917 (M17), 623/923 (M23), 940 (M40) 723 htec (M23 hybrid)

Do you still use threaded connectors?

Here are the 7 awesome advantages of the INTERCONTEC speedtec connector:


There are two options for the cable side: speedtec plug or standard threaded plug on the device speedtec connector required

Time saving

much faster to mate the connector

Only an 1/8 turn to lock the connector when space is limited - there is the solution A standard threaded connector requires 6 turns)

>> Take a look at your video on youtube! Incredible fast!


Functional design

The correct orientation can be found intuitivly

  • visual and
  • haptic
  • control of the connection


Unsurpassed Connection Safety

3 additional leading codings on the connector housing make fail mating impossible!

When mated under adverse conditions (under table, over the head, blind or in a hurry) the inserts or contacts cannot be damaged.

Secure connection

speedtec connectors can only be locked when full contact overlap is established Without full contact it is not possible to close the connector!

Be careful with theaded connections!

The connector can be used without the connection being folly established.

This can result in failures or breakdowns of machenery:

  • interruptions of the electrical connection
  • ingress of moisture
  • soiling
  • EMV failured

Anti-vibration protection

The ratcheting mechanism is protecting the connection from unintentional discconnecting

Matters of course

  • IP 66/67 when connected
  • Internationally approved and certfied according for UL/CSA and VDE
  • 360°- EMC Shielding
  • Great mechanical strength, the speedtec mechanism securely holds both connector housings together and provides for metallic connection between both connectors

Very good EMC properties with high screening attenuation


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