New addition to our series 723 htec product portfolio

Available from August 2015: a new additional design of the Hybrid Connector M23 htec Angled Bulkhead Connector rotatable

Our rotatable Bulkhead Connector gives you the option for an angled exit from a motor or cabinet with our quick lock fastener speedtec using either female or male contacts.

Main Dimensions:

Key Features:

  • Dismount countinuosly rotatable
  • You can choose between a flange mount 25 x 25 mm, 28 x 28 mm and an outside thread M25
  • Can be fitted with both: pins or sockets
  • Touch proof for voltage carrying power contacts until 850 VDC / 630 VAC
  • Can be configurated with all available pin layouts of the series 723 and separetly schielded data elements
  • Multiple mechanical plug coding and colorred ring markings are also available
  • IP protection 66 / IP 67 – qualification for IP 68 / IP 69 K possible
  • Vibration resistance up to 25 g

Our rotatable Angled Bulkhead Connector can be configurated with all pin layouts of the 723 series and separetly schielded data elements for ethernet- and bus moduls.

Pin layout:

11-pins (5+6)
10-pins (7+3)
7-pins (5+2)

Optional additonal data elements:

Ethernet Element, 4-pins
Bus modul, 2-pins
Ethernet Element, 6-pins, Cat. 5

Electrical Data

ContactCrimp contacts
Termination diameterbis max. 4,0 mm²
Rated voltage850 VDC / 630 VAC
Rated withstanding voltage6000 V
Rated current25 A (10-pins)
30 A (7- / 11-pins)
Safety protectionafter VDE 0623
Secure separationafter VDE 0140


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