for easy and safe connections

  • high-quality industrialconnector with metal housing
  • flat - narrow - short
  • miniaturized size in all three dimensions ensures that the system is compatible even with very small motors
  • 360° EMC-shielding
  • UL / CSA approval
  • vibration protection up to 25 g
  • rotatable by 300°
  • protection rating IP 66 and IP 67 itec/ytec catalogue

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Plenty of flexibility, litte space requirement

Do you still use too large motor connectors? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Special itec/ytec cables

Spezialkabel Schmid GmbH, a network cable specialist in Augsburg, Germany, conducted a test to determine if theitec/ytec Series 615 connector would be suitable for use in a Fast Ethernet application utilizing CAT-5e media. The small Series 615 connector met all test requirements for 1000 Mbit/s Ethernet while testing a special video camera system and interconnecting cables. When designing Ethernet based automation systems, consider Intercontec’s itec/ytec 615 connectors. Product samples will be made available for testing automation systems using Ethernet, power over Ethernet or Ethernet over power.

12-pole: 12 x ø 1 mm, 0,05 - 0,75 mm²
15-pole: 15 x ø 1 mm, 0,05 - 0,75 mm²

Self-locking with one „click“!

The Intercontec itec/ytec quick connect fastening system represents the best combination of speed and ruggedness for industrial circular connectors being used in motion control and automation applications. The one “click” push on connectors offer superior connection speed over quarter or half turn connectors or fully threaded connectors. These units provide the quick connect feature of an RJ-45 plug but with a superior design for industrial applications. These units are vibration safe up to 20 g and come standard with an IP67 rating.

Compact size like M 12

The Intercontec itec/ytec connectors come in 12 and 15 pin configurations. The pin contacts/sockets for these connectors are crimp type. The Series 615 (M15) connectors are about half the size of an M17 connector and slightly larger than an M12 connector.

High transfer rates already achieved with the standard signal connector!

Intercontec has experience in producing rugged connectors used in Ethernet based automation applications. The Series 617 (M17) and Series 623 (M23) connector products have proven track records for Ethernet communications. Like the Series 617/623 connectors, the Series 615 itec/ytec connectors are designed to provide a 360 degree shield to housing contact, which is critical to obtaining secure and reliable communications in industrial Ethernet applications.

proven prepared in many Ethernet applications, M17: 617 Series 12 / 17-pole
proven prepared in many Ethernet applications, M23: 623 Series 6 to 19-pole

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