htec M23 Hybrid connector:

Power, feedback and communications in one housing

  • hybrid cable assemblies
  • pre-wired receptacle connectors for servo motors and drive control components
  • pin or socket contacts
  • straigt or angled receptacles
  • IP 67, IP 68, IP 69K
  • 360° EMC-shielding
  • CAT 5 Element seperatly shielded
  • UL / CSA approval
  • vibration protection up to 25 g
  • continuously rotatably
  • speedtec quick connection system
  • touchproof power contacts

One-cable solutions for centralized and decentralized connections

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Power, Feedback and Communications in One

A cable can only be as good as its interface. Therefore Intercontec developed in coordination with leading manufacturers a circular connector system especially for hybrid applications. For example, for daisy-chaining decentrally controlled servo motors, an intelligent hybrid cabling solution is needed. The required auxiliary voltage, the intermediate circuit voltage with higher electric strength of 850 VDC, the EtherCAT-bus signal and an additional system diagnosis fieldbus, should be realized in one single cable.

Perfect Cable - Connector Adjustment

The super-hybrid connector size M23 “htec ” fulfils all these requirements and in addition can handle 30 A and a wire cross section of 4.0 mm². The four touch-proof power contacts can be populated with either pins or sockets. The arrangement is completed by six signal contacts and an assembly-ready “quadrax” CAT5 Ethernet element. The 360° EMC shielding is easily connected just like the single conductors, thanks to the perfect symbiotic combination between cable and connector which prevents any intersecting wires.

Powerful Supply

This offers new, compact but very powerful options for decentrally controlled or supplied servo motors. The up to IP 69K protected, robust metal housings lock with the patented quick-lock speedtec and are vibration-safe up to 25 G. Multiple mechanical coding, highlighted optically by different coloured rings, prevents incorrect connections.

Continuously rotatable connector housings

The outstanding technical features speak for themselves just like the many options that are available in Intercontec Series 723: Straight, angled and continuously rotatable connector housings are available in conjunction with all current flanges and thread versions Intercontec offers the connectors as well as the professional assembly of the hybrid cable, the motor cables or the complete system cabling either direct or through their worldwide distribution partner network.

Technical Data

Power 5 (4 + PE):30 A / 4 mm², crimp
850 VDC / 630 VAC
Signal 6:1,2 A / 1 mm², crimp
50 VDC / 30 VAC
Ethernet:1,2 A / 0,34 mm², crimp
30 V (AC/DC)

Metal housing with 360° EMC shielding, Ethernet separately shielded.
IP protecton IP 66, IP 67, IP 68, IP 69K
speedtec quick-locking system


Angled Motor-Connection: Continuously rotatable with mounting thread

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