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Servo motors are on the advance. With their dynamic and precisely controllable motion sequences they are increasingly popular not only in industrial automation applications. In order to operate failure free they require a connection technology that delivers energy and control signals safely, accurately and over a long period of time.

Vibrations and shock test: The shaker device generates accelerations up to 50gIn the process the connections are exposed to extreme electrical, electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical stress. Their fields of operation require a very small overall size, large signal-to-noise ratio and extreme vibration, shock and temperature resistance. And finally they have to withstand soiling and moisture as well as million fold abrupt start stop and turning maneuvers.

Connectors, which meet these demanding requirements are designed and manufactured by Intercontec. It is their goal to realize the best connection technology on the market: very robust connectors that perform in harshest conditions. For highest work and operating safety all Intercontec connector housings are 360° EMC shielded and fitted with an earth-to-housing connection. To ensure mechanical strength they are tested on a shaker device in the in-house laboratory for vibrations and shocks up to 50 G.

Functional, intelligent connector housing designs provide for resistance against heat, cold, dirt and moisture and provide for highest flexibility with minimum space requirements. Thus you find inside the extremely short rotatable angled receptacle connectors a lot of room to store the connecting wires. After the receptacle connectors were turned to the right position for the desired direction of cable outlet they remain in this position safely and securely up to 130°C. A fixed end stop at 330° protects from twisting of the pigtail inside the connector. Intercontec has already set standards with the Twintec Series combining signal and power transmission in one connector housing. The introduction of the smaller Series M17, a miniaturization of the standard M23 program was well received and is driven by the demand for smaller servo motors.


Speedtec reduces wiring and connecting times. Complex cabling or modular production units with frequent connecting and disconnecting – you always benefit from the fast and secure handling of the speedtec quick connection system. Instead of turning a traditional coupling nut with frequent clasping, one small turn is enough.


Easy and uncomplicated assembly due to form-locking clamps. Contact assembly and dis-assembly without tools. Ample space for wires, cable OD up to Ø 17mm.


Many flange sizes, all standard pin layouts. Devices fitted with speedtec can be connected with existing cable connectors, since the speedtec design is compatible with standard threaded coupling nuts. Signal connectors can be used for Multibus applications PROFI BUS, InterBus und DeviceNet.

In the light of the impressive performance, it goes without saying that the connection technology from Intercontec meets the required industry standards like IP66 and IP67. It is a complete system available in various flange sizes with further advantages to the user, equally interesting to the cable assembler, plant manufacturer and plant operator. The connector design is modular and the components compatible with each other, which allows the multiple use of parts. The angled receptacle connectors for example have only one base part used for both, signal and power connectors. To close and open the patented quick connection system speedtec only 1/8 turn is needed. The speedtec receptacle connectors are backwards compatible with standard threaded cable connectors. State of the art equipment for high-end connector production.

The interior structure of the connectors is thought out down to the smallest detail: the form-locking insulation inserts do not require any tools for contact assembly and dis-assembly. All connectors can be coded for safe installation and operation. The connector housing is additionally secured by a screw, the only one necessary for the connector assembly.

Intercontec is making considerable investments to ensure the part accuracy for their high-end connections. Prototyping is done in house and is supported by measurement data from the company-owned computer tomograph in the measuring and research laboratory of the local university Hochschule Deggendorf. The imaging technology renders highly accurate 3D data of closed bodies, compares them with the specifications and gives indications regarding material properties, build quality and dimensions. Material defects can be detected as well as cavities and deviations in the thousandth of a millimeter range.

Also the production at Intercontec is highly automated. Quality control is embedded Fully automated assembly line for the production of the signal insulator.into the production process in the form of process-integrated measuring methods. When products reach the final quality control they have already been tested for their function and conformity. The result is a precision product of highest quality that combines easy handling with optimal performance and durability.

Siegfried Funk, product & marketing manager at Intercontec, is aware of the high expectations of his customers: “If we really want to provide innovative products it is not enough to meet the market requirements. Technologically we always have to be one step ahead and provide solutions for problems that users are not yet aware of. This is only possible if we push the limits of what is technically possible.”

At Intercontec it is the prototyping and the sophisticated measurement technology that drive innovation. By bringing together all technical means and expertise Intercontec can develop and realize customized solutions within a short period of time. Manufacturing in Germany is beneficial for international customers too. The insight and knowhow the engineers acquire through these customized projects are used for their work on the standard connector program which increases the innovation frequency.

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