Signal Connectors M23

With our M23 signal connector product portfolio (Series 623) you have the assurance to connect your devices and equipment safely and quickly.

A big selection of different housing variations due to our modular construction system waits for you.

Signal connectors M23

Easy handling and a million fold proven reliability.

Your advantages:

  • Robust and long-lasting high quality products
  • Modular construction system with over 1.000 combination possibilities, combining different housing variations, pin layouts and contacts
  • IP66/67 is a standard and can withstand even harsher environments
  • EMC-Safety is achieved with a patented 360°- shielding
  • Quick fastening system speedtecy (safety interlocking system)

Our colleagues will gladly support you in finding the right solution:

Thomas Fedeneder

Phone +49 9962 2002-315

Dieter Schwarz

Phone +49 9962 2002 316

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